Thorarinsson Medal Key Note "A Critical Overview of Rhyolitic Magmatism"
Dr. Wes Hildreth Curriculum Vitae

Wes Hildreth is a son of Massachusetts, transplanted to northern California and educated at Harvard and Berkeley. The bitterness of US intervention in Vietnam drove him away from the study of International Politics and into the Earth Sciences. He was once an accomplished long-distance runner (and still tries) and for some years a park naturalist. Mitch Reynolds coaxed him back to Berkeley, and during his PhD study of the Bishop Tuff, Ian Carmichael tried to teach him petrology, Tony Ewart geochemistry, Garniss Curtis geochronology, and Herb Shaw cogitation, but he listened to Howel Williams and stuck to fieldwork, being foremost a volcanic stratigrapher and geologic mapper. In 1977 Dallas Peck, Robert L. Smith, Paul Bateman, and Bob Christiansen brought him to the USGS where he has pursued projects at Long Valley, Katmai, Yellowstone, Mount Adams, Mount Baker, Pantellerìa, Volcán Quizapu, Caldera Calabozos, Three Sisters, Río Puelche, Laguna del Maule, and the Simcoe Mountains. Many of the studies were conducted on foot in true wilderness and could not have been accomplished without the strength, mettle, and comradeship of Judy Fierstein over the course of 25 years.
Wes is a Fellow of AGU and GSA and has been an editor of Bulletin of Volcanology and Revista Geológica de Chile. He was a Sheldon Travelling Fellow (Harvard), G.K. Gilbert Fellow (USGS), Bowen Awardee (AGU), and Thorarinsson Medalist (IAVCEI, this meeting). Wes is married to Gail Mahood of Stanford University. His career accomplishments owe much to her influence, to the mentors mentioned above, and to Charlie Bacon, Roy Bailey, Bob Drake, Mike Dungan, Estanislao Godoy, Anita Grunder, Alex Halliday, Bruce Houghton, Marvin Lanphere, Stephen Moorbath, Patrick Muffler, Jim O’Neil, Clyde Wahrhaftig, and Colin Wilson.

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